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Smart Recruitment Manager
  • Job Posting - Create Customized Application Forms using XML based form builder
  • Send various emails and interview call details to candidates using standard customized email templates
  • Advanced Search facility to search for applications
  • Prefiltering of candidate applications
  • Applicant ranking - rate the candidates on different stages of recruitment process
  • Dashboard - Complete overview of live job vacancies, number of applications received, Number of candidates shortlisted, Number of interviews conducted /scheduled etc
  • Multiuser and Permission based access
  • Selected candidates login
  • Consultant/Recruitment agents login facility
Smart Appraisal

Smart Appraisal Automates the time-consuming Employee Performance Appraisal administration process, thereby dramatically improving HR and Line Manager productivity.
Accommodates any kind and combination of Performance Measures such as Goals, Objectives, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Competencies, and Values.
Forms and templates can be tailored to specific roles in the organization. emPerform allows HR to build the online reviews just like the existing, paper-based review. The forms, reviews, and templates can be updated and re-created as the evaluation process evolves.
Comment boxes, rating scales, drop down lists, pick lists, calendars, check-boxes, forms, and instructions can all be modified to meet the organization’s needs

Fully scalable—handles from only 20 to thousands of employees, covering all staff and managerial levels, at multiple worldwide locations.

Time & Attendance

"One finger solves it all"

What is actually time and attendance management?

It is actually a system of monitoring of employee work hours for the entire company and the analysis of various human resource figures such as overtime allowance, meal allowance, transport allowance and even bonus that are often derived from employee working hours.

What are the various benefits of such a system?

It will be more clear to employers as a whole and yourself as a senior level management than to your employees. For the management level personnel, such a system allows them to monitor employee performance automatically – and thus allowing them to evaluate if there are any loopholes within the system. It also keep track of employees within the organization by forcing them to be accountable for their absences – once again, better for the business than for the employee himself. That is why most bosses are eagerly engaging in implementing time and attendance management system into their standard operating procedures.
Today’s automated systems offer another benefit – the ability to calculate valuable data about employee performance both on an individual level (how hard does a particular employee work and how much should he be rewarded?) and on an organizational level (what days bring in most absences? Are people staying back to finish up on projects or leaving as quickly as possible?). Access to this information allows the ‘upper management’ to make informed decisions to improve employee performance and productivity on a major scale.

NSC's Time and Attendance hardware and software is designed for effective Time and Attendance management, as well as floor production control, Job Costing, and Access Control applications.

In addition, NSC's terminals have many access input options including:fingerprint verification, keypad entry, magnetic card, barcode card, proximity card, and contactless smart card.

Smart Self Service Module

Paper-based time off requests, beneficiary updates, and pay stubs are becoming a thing of the past. Technology has made HR a self-service function in the small and mid-size business sector

The HR software keeps track of the company’s benefits and compensation data, allowing employees to view the status of their accrued leave, make time-off requests, or make necessary changes to their contact or benefits information -- all without phone calls or emails to HR personnel. And allowing employees to key in the information themselves online helps boost productivity, too. There are no more forms to fill out in triplicate.

Payroll Processing Services

Understanding customers' payroll needs and delivering what they require is quite simply our forte.

Providing value addition continuously is what we do better.

SCS provides cost effective & efficient solutions on processing of payroll. The whole process is designed to eliminate all regulatory & compliance hassles that an organization faces.

SCS's focus is to provide exclusive service & innovative solutions in both off-site & online (Web-enabled) payroll processing.

The payroll is run on customize software, which is capable of processing huge amounts of data in real time, thus ensuring faster turnaround time and efficiency.

HR and Payroll Software

Smart HR & Payroll System has been designed and developed by Smart City Systems (www.smartcitysystems.com) to meet the specific requirements and objectives of managing work force records. Payroll processing in an efficient and effective way and in compliance with the laws of the United Arab Emirates and Middle East Countries.


The Smart Payroll Software is a modular system and meets the payroll needs of organizations with single or multiple companies, departments and cost centers. Ideal for the SME and Large Enterprise segments, it yet can be scaled and customized to meet the specific needs of large corporations. Payroll is always a concern to Senior Management. The Smart Payroll Software offers comprehensive security checks and controls built to protect against unauthorized access to sensitive information held in the payroll system. Access can be controlled and monitored at various levels. Smart HR & Payroll is designed to provide easy and cost-effective links with other platforms simplifying integration within enterprise systems. The Smart HR & Payroll Software offers users a simple and easily understandable menu structure and a customizable report generation facility. The software is flexible and supports access to reliable information needed for management decision-making.

Smart HR & Payroll through its comprehensiveness improves the Management Information System. Concepts such as Total Cost of Employees, Payroll Reconciliations and Personal data on employees can be accessed, monitored and reviewed and decisions promptly taken. All key areas of payroll management have been addressed including fixed and variable payroll earnings and deductions, loan processing, leave, absence, gratuity, cost allocation, and organizational management. The data entry/maintenance forms have been designed by Finance and Payroll professionals and process flows evaluated to deliver efficiency in the payroll process. Controls have been developed right through the process and Managers, Auditors and Payroll executives have contributed significantly to develop one of the most robust and secure systems in the Middle East.

Salient features of the system

  • Multi Company, Multi Currency, Single / Multi User
  • Multi Country Support
  • Payroll System Modules
  • Company Module - Supports Multi Company set up, Multiple Organization Levels - Cost Center, Department, Section, Unit, etc
  • Country / Currency Module - Supports Multi Country, Multi Currency Payroll processing
  • Grades Module - Supports definition of Employee Grades. Grade Level limits - salary, increments, allowances, max. Payouts, etc.
  • Employee Module - Employee Personal Information, Official Information, Family Details, Emergency Contacts, Passport, Visa, Labour card / work permit, related information.
  • Earnings / Deductions Module - supports unlimited earnings / Deductions Type - Basic Salary, Allowances - House Rent, Car, Petrol, Conveyance, Education - school Fees, Air Tickets, Advances, Loan recovery, etc.
  • Attendance / Leave Module - supports employee attendance / leave details.
  • Overtime Module - supports multiple OT rates, overtime data entry.
  • Incentives / Bonus Module - Supports user defined multiple incentives, Bonus with company defined criteria and accruals.
  • Formula Builder Module - supports definition of formulae for earnings, Deductions, Indemnity Accruals, Pension, etc.
  • Letter Wizard Module (Optional) - Supports various letter formats and letter generation.
  • Increment Module - supports various increment criteria based on grades, employee performance, etc. Retrospective incre ments (Arrears).
  • Transfer / Promotion Module - Supports recording and tracking of employee transfer, Promotion details.
  • Loan Management Module - Supports multiple loans - Company loan, Personal loan, Car loan, Third party (Bank Loan). Loan letter record, Loan recovery / Repayment and loan reports.
  • Pay Periods Module - Supports flexible pay periods - Monthly, weekly, etc. Holiday Maintenance.
  • Cross Charge Module - Supports employee cost allocation to various departments, Cost centers, units.
  • Processing Module - Supports flexible payroll process - Company level, Cost Center / Department Level, Employee Type, Single Employee. Payroll Reprocessing features. Multiple payment options - Cash, Check, Bank Transfer.
  • EOS Benefits Module - Supports Employee Resignation, Termination, Settlement, EOS Calculations based on Country Labour Laws or Company Rules, Benefits accruals. Pre- Settlement reports with option.
  • Payroll Reports - Employee Register, Document Expiry reports - Passport, Visa, etc., Payroll Register, Pay slips, Bank Transfer Statement, Payroll Reconciliation, Total Cost Of Employee, etc.
  • MIS Reports - Focused towards management needs.
  • GL Mapping (Optional) - Employee costs mapped to various GL Accounting codes. Budget Vs Actual comparisons.
  • Admin Security Module - Supports multiple level data entry, verification, and approval checks. User defined module / function level security features. Fully secured system. Data backup / Recovery functions.
  • Human Resources Modules (Optional): Includes various HR Functionalities
  • Recruitment Module
  • Appraisal Module
  • Training Module
  • Leave Management Module
  • Time & Attendance Module
  • Payroll Budget Modules (Optional): User defined Budget Heads, Detail / Summary Level Budgets - Company, Cost Center, Department, Sections, Units, etc, Sensitivity Analysis, Budget comparison, Variance, Forecasting, GL Mapping.
  • Web Enabled - HR & Payroll Employee Self Service Module (Optional): Includes Employee self service functions over web / Intranet such as Personal Information, Family details, Emergency Contacts Maintenance, HR Forms & Applications - Leave Application, Loan Application, etc.
  • GUI Interface, Based on Microsoft .net Technology
  • Supports Multiple Databases - MS SQL, MySQL, etc.
  • Integration (Option): With Financial Management System, ERP, Time & Attendance, Access Control Systems, etc.


Completely web based developed in ASP.Net and Microsoft SQL 2008

Purchasing Option

Smart HR can be purchased in the following ways:
1. Full corporate license – running on a Microsoft SQL server
2. Modular License – Smart HR can also be purchased and implemented on a modular basis.

System integration capabilities

Microsoft Great Plains
Microsoft Dynamics AX

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